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Evelyn Marches On [Dec]
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Evelyn Marches On [Dec]

By Arthur Barker
ISBN 978-1-85756-683-3
Category Historical
December 2009


Enrolling into the Women's Land Army, Evelyn leaves London to work on Haven Baulk Farm. The work is hard, but life is made easier when she befriends Mabel who has also volunteered and works in a nearby farm. However, Evelyn is transferred to Slade Farm and is embraced by the Davies family and forms a growing bond with the farmer's son Samuel.

Author's Biography

Arthur Barker was born in 1915 and was one of thirteen children. In 1934 he joined the RAF and was placed in charge of the second spitfire at Duxford, which was used as the prototype for later spitfire models. He has written two other books, One of Thirteen and From Start to Finish.


£8.95  Paperback

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