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The Sleepwalkers’ Ball [Dec]
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The Sleepwalkers’ Ball [Dec]

By Alan Bilton
Published by Alcemi
ISBN 9780955527265
Category Romance
December 2009


Set some time now, and yet also any time, this is a beautifully-surreal romantic comedy wrapped around the forms of silent film and the Gothic city ghost tour. Music Hall Kafka-meets-Mary Poppins in tone, it is filmic, funny and lyrical, following Hans and Clara’s many attempts to hook up together.

Author's Biography

Alan Bilton teaches American Studies at Swansea University. His nonfiction titles are An Introduction to Contemporary American Fiction (New York/Edinburgh University Press) and the three-volume (co-authored) America in the 1920s (Helm). He is currently writing a book on silent film comedy.


“A script written by Kafka, Milligan and Chaplin to celebrate the twinning of Royston Vasey with the Gorbals - a welcome addition to Celtic Gothic.” - Lloyd Jones, book cover endorsement

“Alan Bilton's artfully interwoven narratives, part zany city guide, part silent film, create an imaginative whole which is poetic, inventive, surprising and pulsating with life.” - DM Thomas, author of The White Hotel, book cover endorsement

“A delicious novel, full of unusual similes, blurred characters and smudged landscapes.” Yvette Hawkins,

“Enchanting...a confident storyteller... uses mythological structures mixed with street and shop talk... Bilton has the craft of an artist, not just a writer.” - Sian Melangell Dafydd, New Welsh Review

Price  £9.99  Paperback

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