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Dead Cat with Firelighter [Dec]
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Dead Cat with Firelighter [Dec]

By Frances Day
Published by Solidus
ISBN 0-9543377-5-1
Category Cntemporary black comedy
December 2009


A novel set amid the extreme worlds of contemporary art and celebrity.  Inhabiting both landscapes are the sinister Vaughan Darke, classical aesthete and hit-man, and his modernist counterpart, Hayden Curtis. How can an artist of no talent be raised to cult status, and an also-ran actress achieve immortality? And why is a film star’s husband only one of the people trying to kill her?

Author's Biography

Frances Day has written articles for newspapers, BBC Radio and several plays and monologues.  This is her first novel.


‘A wonderful escape into a world of art, sex and power. A good holiday read.’  Hugh Tarren

Price   £ 7.99   Paperback

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