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Dead Woman’s Shoes [Jan]
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Dead Woman’s Shoes [Jan]

By Kaye C Hill
Published by Creme de la Crime
ISBN 9780955158995
Category Crime/mystery/humour
January 2010


Lexy Lomax has fled from her obnoxious husband with a cool half-million of his ill-gotten gains and a homicidal chihauhua. She finds herself mistaken for recently deceased private investigator, and is soon untangling a web of marital infidelity, missing cats and poison pen letters.
Oh, and a murder or two.

Author's Biography

A twenty-year career involving railway embankments, steel-capped boots and chainsaws inspired Kaye to turn to crime fiction - but don’t ask where the homicidal chihuahua came from!
Like Lexy Lomax, Kaye enjoys bird-watching on the exposed wetlands of the Suffolk coast,: a great hobby for someone who hates the cold.


“Crisp prose and a plot laced with animal tomfoolery will keep readers… eager for a sequel.”
 Publishers Weekly

£7.99  Paperback

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