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Heartland [Jan]
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Heartland [Jan]

By Anthony Cartwrigh
Published by Tindal Street Press
ISBN 978-0-9556476-5-9
January 2010


“Black Country, 2002. ‘The Tipton Three’ are in Guantanamo, the BNP is on the rise, the World Cup is beginning, and Rob – a professional footballer turned teaching assistant – is about to take part in a controversial Sunday-league football game, billed by the press as ‘a match to spark a race war’...”

Author's Biography

“Anthony Cartwright was born in Dudley in 1973. He studied English and American Literature at UEA. Having worked in factories, meatpacking plants, pubs, warehouses and with London Underground, he trained as an English teacher and now works in Nottinghamshire. His debut The Afterglow won a Betty Trask Award in 2004.”


“A great book about football … If you read a better complement to the game this year you’ll be lucky” — When Saturday Comes
“This is what fiction should be and what readers want it to be: passionately engaged” — David Peace, author of The Damned Utd
“An impressive novel, glimpsed through the prism of a pair of football matches” — D. J. Taylor, Guardian
“A writer with a wonderful ear for dialect and an unblinking sense of Britain as it is today” — Jonathan Coe
“Heartland is beautiful, moving and important. Victories and defeats on and off the pitch are tenderly rendered”— Catherine O’Flynn
£9.99   Paperback

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