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Bluey Meets Father Christmas
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Bluey Meets Father Christmas

Subtitle ::::: Winner December 2009 ::::
By Philip J King Illustrator Janet King
ISBN 0954910613
Category Children’s, 4 - 8 yrs with 22 colour illustrations
December 2009


Bluey Meets Father Christmas is the second book in the series of uplifting children's story books with a gentle educating theme of water travelling the world. The tale is told by the introduction of Bluey The Little Drip (the first book.)

In this latest book the droplets change into snow flakes and flutter down to the enjoyment of children everywhere and Bluey becomes part of a snowman and then hops onto Santa's sleigh. Bluey falls off in a very desolate place and sadly realises that he may be stuck there forever. The book comes with a guaranteed happy ending.

Author's Biography

Philip King just ended a period of 26 years as an estate agent to have more time to write. He is halfway through a murder mystery called Rainbow Valley – a proposed television series about estate agents. From 1972 to 1982 King was a DJ.  He grew up in the family bakers and started working at the age of ten.  King is married with two grown up children and lives in Farnham, Surrey.


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Reader Comments

best book ever!
An interesting way to introduce science to young children
My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed this book. It held their attention all the way through. I hope there is more to come from the author.
A great informative children's story!
My son thoroughly enjoyed this story. He was kept interested in the story the whole time and at one point was really sad but then really happy with the ending. I thought the story was really well written.
This book is good to read and to look at. It also has an educational thread, which may inspire an interest in physics and nature.
Fantastic book, my 4 year old really enjoyed it.
Great book both the children, ages 5 & 8 They love it!
Very good book, my 4 year old son throughly enjoyed it.
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