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Microwave Magic - The Art of 21st Century cooking
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Microwave Magic - The Art of 21st Century cooking

Subtitle :::::::::: Winners for November 2009 :::::::::::
By Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 9780955188626
Category Cookery (Home/garden)
November 2009


Beautifully illustrated cookery book that certainly has a twenty-first century feel about it. Thinking "outside the box" challenges any reader wishing to produce wonderful, wholesome, culinary dishes whilst utilising the many advantages of microwave appliances. This book is the definitive guide to microwave-cooking and is set to become a work of reference.

Author's Biography

Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson is Britain's leading authority on microwave cooking. Author of several books on the subject and Chairman of the Microwave Technologies Association, she has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes.

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Reader Comments

A great Book and a great Author, excellent Jenny!
very informative
excellent book for people in a hurry
I can't wait to try some of these ideas Excellent work as always Jennipher!
Simply the best microwave book in print !
Excellent booked for speed cooking
This book is a must for microwave users
Very useful book
Everyone should read this!
Jennipher deserves to win the People's Book Prize with this book ! It's original, different, and very good value for anyone who wants to cook good food with a microwave oven !
lovely book, very useful!
A great confidence-building book for the microwave novice!
i found this book great! there were some excellent and easy recipies clearly laid out!
Jennipher's book refreshes all those microwave techniques that have been lost to familiarity. She show cooks how to achieve results using a fraction of the electricity required by normal cooking
A must have book for the busy kitchen!
helpful book
Definitely not a 'coffee table' book, this should take it's rightful place in the kitchen next to the microwave, full of tips and useful information, BUT, be warned, it's not for those that simply want to heat up a pastie, this is for those that want to be a microwave chef !!!
great resource
I want to vote for this book as it is very well written and so useful.
A good illustrated guide to the basics of microwave cooking.
Great recipes. It really opened my eyes to using my microwave for cooking, and not just heating food up!
Wonderful book which includes the theory of microwave cooking, basic information for new users and great recipes for everyday cooking, feeding the children and dinner parties. All the recipes I've tried have been very well received and the book has given me the confidence to use my microwave more, giving time and energy savings.
Very good book, lots of interesting recipies
I was bought this book and a microwave by my friends to drag me into the 21st century and I have to say that my opinion about microwave cooking has transformed. Thank you Jennipher.
A wonderful aide to modern living.
Great book - its time the real energy saving value of microwave cooking was exploited.
Brings microwaving right up to date
very usefull
As a working young family we view this book as a kitchen equivlient of the bible.
A very good resource.
Excellently written and illustrated book and all in language that anyone can understand.
Great book to help people understand how to get the energy and time saving benefits of the Microwave. Its about time there was a book written on this subject the energy saving benefits of microwave cooking are huge.
An easy to follow recipe book with good illustrations. I am working my way through all the recipes and look forward to the next book!
Excellent book, great recipes and much needed to promote microwave cookery in our energy chalenged times.
Great book
Gave my wife a copy of this book. She has been a microwave user since the earlier 90s and this has helped her rediscover microwaving for every day
Great recipes - don't know why I didn't find this book earlier
Excellent book for the beginner or for anyone familiar with microwaves. Debunks the thinks we commonly take for granted when using a microwave and makes you a more educated user.
really helpful
An excellent informative book on microwaves and benefiting from good step by step receipe to follow.
Very useful. Why don't celebrity chefs use microwaves more?
very good book, delicious recipes :)
Great book
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