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The Heir to Longbourn
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The Heir to Longbourn

By Laurence Fleming
ISBN 978-1-903660-06-5
Category Romance
November 2009


 Elizabeth and Darcy’s life together proves to be every bit as eventful and intriguing as we would have hoped, especially when it becomes entwined with the life of Mansfield Park…Laurence Fleming brings us a comedy to relish—witty, ingenious and uncannily authentic.

Author's Biography

 Laurence Fleming’s first novel, A Diet of Crumbs, won a competition judged by Nancy Mitford and Angus Wilson. At Cambridge he wrote scripts for the Footlights, and he is author of the bestselling The English Garden, Old English Villages and Roberto Burle Marx: A Portrait. He lives in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.


 For Laurence Fleming’s previous books:

 â€œhe is witty and has a skill in character-drawing”
Daily Telegraph

“original…elegant frivolity”
Sunday Times

“Everywhere…there is something to delight…the mind”
Sunday Telegraph

“informed and understanding”
House and Garden

£7.99  Paperback

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