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Taming Poison Dragons
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Taming Poison Dragons

By Tim Murgatroyd
Published by Myrmidon
ISBN 978-1-905802-28-9 HB and 978-1-9
Category Historical
November 2009


Western China, 1196: Yun Cai, a handsome and adored poet in his youth, is now an old man, exiled to his family estates. All that is left to him are regrets of a growing sense of futility and helplessness and the irritations of his feckless son and shrewish daughter-in-law. But the 'poison dragons' of misfortune shatter his orderly existence.
First, Yun Cai's village is threatened with destruction by a vicious civil war. His wayward second son, a brutal rebel officer seems determined to ruin his entire family. Meanwhile, Yun Cai struggles to free an old friend, P'ei Ti, from a hellish prison- no easy task when P'ei Ti is the rebels' most valuable hostage and Yun Cai considers himself merely a spent, and increasingly frightened old man.

Author's Biography

Tim Murgatroyd is an English teacher who lives with his family in York. He has remained fascinated by ancient China since his teens, when he discovered a slim volume of Chinese poetry in a second hand bookshop. Taming Poison Dragons is his first novel. Gripping from beginning to end,  the style is quite unusual – it is fauvism revealing much deeper layers beneath. It's difficult to write characters from the distant past and from an obscure culture in transparent modern English, but Murgatroyd has cracked it.  A truly epic story.

He is currently engaged in writing a sequel chronicling the turbulent events of the Mongol invasion of China.


'...richly detailed narrative brings to life the beauty and brutality of 12th Century China. Laced with poetry, the narrative flows between past and present, gradually unravelling an evocative and epic tale of love, honour and valour in the midst of civil war.'

‘I would thoroughly recommend this book. Interesting characters and absorbing historical background. Fascinating insight into life in China in the 12th century. Looking forward to the next book from this author.’  Gill  - Amazon reader

£16.99 Hardback



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Reader Comments

A marvellous read. Totally original and fascinating.
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