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Soothing Music for Stray Cats
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Soothing Music for Stray Cats

By Jayne Joso
Published by Alcemi
ISBN 9780955527258
Category Literary/Mystery
November 2009


This contemporary rites of passage debut is calm, well-controlled and flooded with warmth and humanity. With a reflective voice akin to The Catcher in the Rye, it looks at how music and literature help one man understand his best friend’s suicide, as well as questions about friendship, intervention, and guilt.

Author's Biography

Jayne Joso has written extensively on Architecture and is highly regarded for her writing on Japanese arts & culture. Her first children's book was recently published in Japan, and her first play, China's Smile, commissioned in celebration of China's Children's Day, enjoyed a long theatre run and was later televised.


“[This novel presents] a view of urban Britain as a multi-shaded community of peoples... may emerge as one of the great, eccentric London novels.” Ian Thomson, Times Literary Supplement, April 09

“A richly comic... novel of youthful dreams and adult despair, told with rough charm... a generous and engaging novel... embracing the extremes of human experience.” Emma Rae, Planet

“Superb cover!” Rob Burdock,

“Skilfully melds the esoteric and the everyday, the surreal and the banal, to create a strangely-gripping narrative full of dark humour. A distinctive voice.” Joe Moran, Journalist, cover endorsement

“An unexpected and moving story about the redemption of misfits and the consolation of strangers.” Natalie Haynes, Comedian and Broadcaster, cover endorsement


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Reader Comments

Nice book with a specialk "flavor". A very good surprise. Many thank to my friend to make me discover this book
Totally enjoyed this, the ending took me by surprise too... in a big way.
Wow, this is a brilliant read, and one I'm going to buy other people for Christmas too. Let's spread the word, it's an incredibly moving and life-affirming read, full of the rich texture of modern life, human frailty and unfailing kindness - not forgetting the most brilliant list of music references... Jonsey.
Very enjoyable-great book-well done
I loved this book! Very moving. Joso is extremely talented.
an outstanding work
An excellent book I have ever read indeed!!
Great read and a slice of North London life - I really enjoyed this book.
What a great book this is!!! Joso has the wit and the talent to make this novel a lovely and a lyrical invitation into the consciousness of an ordinary but not-ordinary young man who is learning how to be a person as he dream walks through the London, the city of wanderers. Prof. Anne Janowitz, Queen Mary, University of London.
Great book.
this is such a brilliant book! loved it!
In Soothing Music, my favourite bit was the ending - I grew attached to the characters just when ...
A wonderful and engaging book
This book is funny, beautifully written, and atmospheric - what more can you want? I loved reading it, and especially recommend listening to the author read it live, too.
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