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None of the Cadillacs was Pink
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None of the Cadillacs was Pink

Subtitle :::::::::: Winners for November 2009 :::::::::::
By William Bedford
Published by Solidus
ISBN 978-1-904529-44-6
Category Short Stories
November 2009


This book brings together a selection of William Bedford’s finest short stories and non-fiction, exploring the experiences behind his first two novels: Happiland  and All Shook Up..

Author's Biography

William Bedford left school at fifteen to work on the English east coast fish docks and fairgrounds. He trained as a journalist, and eventually left Lincolnshire, working as a Lloyds Broker before becoming an academic and writer. His own extraordinary life informs and illuminates these stories.


‘An entertaining as well as a profound book. I was totally absorbed by its feeling of truth and wholeness’  Alan Sillitoe
‘Both unmannered and powerful, a rare and potent combination.’ Jim Crace

‘One of the finest poets and writers of our generation.’ Karen Maitland

£8.99   Paperback

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Reader Comments

An excellent evocation of time and place.
An excellent read: inviting recollection and reflection.
I have always admired his writing - this is another superb offering.
Let there be many more.
More like this are a must!
Evocative of a time so familiar to those from that era, very readable.
Wonderfully atmospheric - the essays give a fantastic feeling for the 50s and what it was like growing up in those days. The stories have a wonderful humanity about them.
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