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Broken Harmony
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Broken Harmony

By Roz Southey
Published by Creme de la Crime
ISBN 9780955158933
Category Crime/mystery/historical
November 2009


Charles Patterson, impoverished musician in 1730s Newcastle-upon-Tyne is accused of stealing a valuable book and a cherished violin. Then the apprentice he inherited from his flamboyant professional rival is found gruesomely murdered.
Patterson starts to fear for his health and sanity as the death toll mounts and it becomes clear that things are not quite as they seem…

Author's Biography

Roz Southey has a passion for the often contentious world of 18th century music-making in the north-east of England; in fact, she has a PhD in it. Roz’s passion for music is mainly academic, and does not include a great talent; she plays piano and viola, but not very well!


“Points for originality… different, absorbing, and with an unhackeyed setting…”
 Historical Novels Review

 Â£7.99   Paperback

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