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One Apple Tasted
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One Apple Tasted

By Josa Young
Published by Elliot & Thompson
ISBN 978 1904027713
Category Romantic
November 2009


Meet Dora Jerusalem, new features assistant to the assistant features editor at Modern Woman, a fashionable gloss. Catapulted into 1980s London, Dora meets the gorgeous but dangerous Guy Boleyn. Follow as she navigates her way through a heritage of passion, secrets and drama - all for that elusive fairytale ending.
 Author’s Bio
Josa Young is a London-based writer, editor and internet consultant. She lives in West London with her husband and three children.  One Apple Tasted is her first novel.

Author's Biography

Josa Young is a London-based writer, editor and internet consultant. She lives in West London with her husband and three children.  One Apple Tasted is her first novel.


 â€œFunny, warm, touchingly eccentric and irresistibly readable." Julie Myerson
"Compelling, original, cleverly plotted and funny, One Apple Tasted reads like a Virago Modern Classic." Isabel Wolff

Price £7.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

I travel a lot, and tend to rarely find a minute for myself when I am at home. I came back a few days ago from a wonth away, with a massive amount of work to do. Nevertheless, when I saw that I had received "One Apple Tasted" I decided I would give it a chance. Revelation! I suffered every time I had to interrupt myself, and read it almost non-stop in a day... This book is really brilliant, and I loved it: breathtaking and hilarious, well written and modern, catching many society traits and human characteristics! I doubt there is anyone out there who wouldn't enjoy it, recognise him/herself in the character Dora - an attaching "everyman", laugh, but also start thinking about their own lives (love life, priorities, etc). I highly recommend this book, and congratulate its author: I now look forward to her next one.
In ONE APPLE TASTED, Young displays one of the most charming talents of classic English writers, the ability to laugh affectionately at their own way of life whilst nevertheless being deeply in love with it. Quirky, unique and fun. We expect great things from Josa Young.
perfect, lovely book - anyone would really enjoy reading it
Josa Keyes has pulled off a sensitive and intelligent novel in the romantic fiction genre - no easy task especially for a first book. And its a great read as well!
Great read, for all ages and both sexes.
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