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Moon Rabbit
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Moon Rabbit

Subtitle :::::::::: Winners for November 2009 :::::::::::
By Oliver Eade Illustrator- Alma Dowle
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978-1-907205-12-5
Category Children’s, 7-12 yrs 19 colour illustrations
November 2009


Scottish schoolboy, Stevie, befriends pretty Chinese classmate, Maisie, when she gets teased, and takes her to his riverside camp in Peebles. When she falls into the river, he rescues her, emerging in mythological China as White Tiger. With Maisie, or Hua-Mei (‘Pretty Flower’), he learns he has to accomplish a dangerous mission before they can get back to Peebles.

Author's Biography

Oliver Eade is a writer of short stories, novels and drama. He lives in Scotland and regularly visits his wife’s relatives in China.  Moon Rabbit is his debut children’s novel.


Moon Rabbit will lead children’s imaginations to fantastical realms. A magical mix enhanced by gentle and ethereal illustrations.’
Mairi Hedderwick, author of The Katie Morag books

‘“Magical” is the word for Moon Rabbit because it entrances and enchants both in words and because of its beautiful illustrations.’
Elisabeth McNeill, writer

‘A thrilling read ... real page turner.’
Jenni, 12 and Ellen, 11, Edinburgh

‘An ingenious and original adventure story for children which also offers them an intriguing introduction to a culture that will loom ever larger in their future lives.’
Roger Silverman, teacher and journalist

‘A magical, many-layered and thought-provoking tale, told with quirky humour and gentle humanity, that will delight children and adults alike.’
Barbara Mellor, writer and translator

£7.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

Informative and enjoyable to read. Good storyline. Illustrations a plus.
Loved this book.
We love Moon Rabbit
Really enjoyed the book
good book.
Delightful tale giving us insight into ancient Chinese legends. Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. Thoroughly recommended
A delightful and magical read.
A great read for kids, imaginative storyline and educative at same time. Fantastic pictures to go with the story.
This is an important book because through the imaginative storyline and illustrations, it will stimulate children's interest in China, at a time when there is a need for the rest of the world to connect with the real Chinese people.
A beautifuuly illustrated tale for children of all ages, im which a 'real' world interfaces with a mythic Chinese one which grows in magical reality as the story unfolds.
A delightful read both for us adults reading it out loud and for the children listening to it, or reading it for themselves
At 73 years of age this child enjoyed Moon Rabbit thoroughly. Thank you Oliver!
Entertaining and interesting for the appropriate age range.
really good
Moon Rabbit is a wonderful book. Brilliant storyline, great illustrations, very imaginative and educational. A great buy, you can read it again and again and everyword still thrills and enchants you. 10/10
A wonderful book! A gentle, educational, yet exciting and thrilling fantasy - this is by far the best out of all the children's books listed on this website. It is one of the best books I've ever read! 10/10! It is also a great way to learn about the mythical legends and old cultures of China, as it is something children in this country have little knowledge about - but as China is becoming more and more important in our lives, this book is perfect for everybody to have fun and to learn about this amazing country.
Moon Rabbit is one of the best books I've ever read. The wonderful fantasy-themed, yet educational story accompanied by beautiful watercolour illustrations really sparked my imagination. I recommend this 100%!
This is an engaging read, fun mixed with an educational component. Highly commended!
Wonderful flights of imagination and an excellent read.The illustrations are superb.
A book for children & adults to enjoy and read again & again
This is a beautifully presented book, with an exciting and gripping story for 8 to 12 year olds, at the same time, it is gentle and non-violent, a real treat. It introduces sympathetically the Chinese culture which is less familiar to children in this country, but is one they will have to get to know for tomorrow's world, as China grows in importance. this book is a charming way for them to do so.
really good and exciting...
This is a beautiful book and should be on the reading lists in schools. It is a gentle story, beautifully illustrated. The mixtures of cultures is inspiring and particularly approriate for the younger generation growing up with the knowledge of the importance of China in the world today and tomorrow. Top votes for a book well written.
A delightful adventure in Dreamworld, beautifully illustrated.
Love the illustrations and the mix of cultures in the story.
I would thoroughly recommend this book to any parent - a great read for children and suitable for all ages! I read this book with my 12 year old and my 6 year old and they both loved it! The storyline is amazing, and it is hard to put the book down! We all learnt lots of stuff about China that we never knew before, what it was like in the old days, the mythical traditions... 10/10!
This is truly the best book in the world! I reccomend it to everyone! The combining of ordinary school life, mythological fantasy and entrancing cultural information about historical China all packed into a lovely, interesting storyline makes this book utterly unique - you will never find anything as good as this! Perfect for any occasion! Ten out of ten!
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