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ISBN 9780955610516
Category CHILDREN, 3 – 5 years 31 ILLUSTRATIONS
November 2009


Charlotte and Freddie are doing handstands.  A grumpy ladybird called Oliver falls asleep on a poppy.  Will Bobby the Labrador save Oliver from danger?

Author's Biography

Henri Renard is retired; illustrator Caroline Bailey has her own company specialising in web design, animation and IT


£6.99    Paperback

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Reader Comments

A great little story - our daughter loved this book.
Magnifiques dessins, mes enfants adorent ce très beau livre et le relisent souvent...
The Sleepy Ladybird was love at first sight for my daughter!.Now this is her bed time preferred story. The story is good and the drawings are excellent.
Young kids loves it! The drawings are fantastic: appealing, colorful and very sweet. The story is good too.
A nice story and beautifully illustrated
My nephews loved this lovely looking quirky story!
Beautifully illustrated book that will appeal to young readers. One they will return to time after time.
Such a lovely story, an opportunity to share emotions and valuable moments with your children ! The drawings are beautiful !
A lovely tale with colourful and expressive illustrations throughout - one of my daughter's favourite bed time story.
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