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Chip Donovan and the Dragonfly
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Chip Donovan and the Dragonfly

Subtitle :::::::::::: Winner Oct 09 ::::::::::::::::
By Bill Russell
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978 0953 9119 2 6
Category 6 – 10 yrs.
October 2009


The original story of an unloved London boy who after being turned out of his home penniless and hungry has to learn about the harsh realities of life on the street.

In this compassionate children’s story Chip finds friendship in an emotionally chilly world.  With the help of his unexpected friend Drago, Chip learns to live again.  But will he finally discover love and safety in the warmth of a new home? 

In the unique ‘two books in one’ format, fully illustrated through with cartoons and pictures.

Author's Biography

Bill Russell writes music and lyrics.  This is his first children’s book.  Russell has written a song to go with this enchanting story.  For a free download visit:


I could not put this book down once I started reading it.  It was great.  The story has surprises.
Koris Youngman (8)
Education Otherwise

Price  £  8.50

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Reader Comments

lovely little book with great illustrations
What a finding. I have never seen this book before. And it ought to be one of the biggest bestsellers. What a story. Lovely graphics.
Lovely. And what a lovely tune.
Enchanting. The resurrection of the fable and with two types of illustrations: fun. Cartoons on one side and pencil drawings on the other.
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