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When Rooks Speak of Love

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When Rooks Speak of Love

By Hilary Dixon
Published by Solidus
ISBN 978-1-904529-42-2
Category Romance
October 2009


The story of an eccentric love triangle. Arthur and Clementine have an intense relationship based on excruciating honesty. Into their lives comes Lily, demanding her own preposterous agenda. Arthur’s code for living requires him always to answer ‘yes’. This time it will test his relationship with Clementine to the utmost

Author's Biography

Hilary Dixon has taught English, American and European literature in three universities for eleven years, and trained and worked as a counsellor with Relate, and with the Bristol University Student Counselling Service. She also ran creative writing courses at Bristol University. Somehow, in between she has also raised six children.

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Reader Comments

Hilary Dixon has an unusual and distinctive way of writing, quite unlike anything I have ever read before. It very successfully weaves such a beautiful tale that you get drawn into the lives of Arthur and Clementine completely. I can't recommend it highly enough.
The story of the survival of a relationship despite insensitivity and selfishness, related with humour and with a truly lovely appreciation of place .
Fantastic! A thoroughly enjoyable read from beginning to end: believable and loveable characters, delicious, poetic descriptions and a heart-warming tale of the complexity of love, friendships and family life.
A suspenseful tale of a love in crisis, written in a style both poetic and refreshingly contemporary and direct.
Stunning and thought provoking. A masterclass of a debut
When Rooks Speak of Love is a delightful exploration of an unconventional, modern relationship. The characters are off beat but believable and Hilary Dixon's prose style is intuitive and poetic, an excellent combination.
A fabulous book - rich language and a wonderfully funny but poignant story. The minutiae of Arthur and Clementine's life had me by turns irritated and slightly envious. The sense of place is palpable.
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