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The Stone Gallows
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The Stone Gallows

By C David Ingram
Published by Myrmidon
ISBN 978-1-905802-20-3
Category Crime
October 2009


"I guess the end justifies the means. At least that's what I believe. Most of the time"
After the accident, DC Cameron Stone had spent three months in intensive care before he could even recall what happened: the high speed pursuit of a vice baron through the night streets of Glasgow that had not only almost finished him but had taken the life of a teenage mother and her child.

Author's Biography

Colin David Ingram lives with his wife and young family in Paisley, Renfrewshire. After legal training he worked for several years as a debt collector and is now a hospital nurse. The Stone Gallows is his first novel.


“In this first book by C David Ingram, we have a new detective who can operate outside the constraints the police force need to observe. Ingram has said in interviews and in the acknowledgements that he is writing further stories featuring Cameron Stone. This great first book makes me want to read the next instalment – Ingram having promised some interesting times ahead for Cameron Stone.”
Paul Blackburn, Scotland, Eurocrime

'This Paisley author scores a massive hit with a debut that promises to be the start of something big.'  Shari Low,  Scottish Daily Record

Having been a fan of early Rebus, this book has been a welcome return to a gritty and dark character with a gripping storyline. Well enjoyed and hoping for more to come. Amazon Reader

'The Stone Gallows' is a worthy and welcome addition to the 'Tartan Noir' genre. C. David Ingram has penned an impressive and gripping debute novel set in some of the darkest and grittiest areas of Glasgow. DC Stone is a fascinating fictional character, and deserves to feature in subsequent novels...  Amazon reader

I purchased this book as an impulse buy and couldn't put it down. The author has used the city of Glasgow as the backdrop to a gritty thriller. The plot motors along and is interspersed with memorable scenes. C.David Ingram writes 'visually'; this novel cries out for a TV or film adaptation. Hopefully this is the start of a series.  Amazon reader

 Â£7.99   Paperback


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