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The Cry of the Sloth
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The Cry of the Sloth

By Sam Savage
ISBN 9780297856498
Category Humour
October 2009


Living on a diet of fried Spam, vodka, sardines and Southern Comfort, Andrew Whittaker is being sucked into the morass of middle age. A negligent landlord, small-time literary editor, and aspiring novelist, he is – quite literally – authoring his own downfall. From his letters and diary entries to grocery lists and posted signs, this novel is a collection of everything Whittaker commits to paper over four critical months.

Author's Biography

A native of South Carolina now living in Madison, Wisconsin, Sam Savage studied Philosophy at Yale, where he taught briefly. He has worked as a bicycle mechanic, carpenter, commercial fisherman and letterpress printer. His first novel, Firmin, began life at a tiny non-profit press and went on to become an international cult hit.

£12.99   Paperback

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