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Love Not Poison
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Love Not Poison

By Mary Andrea Clarke
Published by Creme de la Crime
ISBN 9780956056603
Category crime/mystery/historical
October 2009


The death of ill-natured Lord Wickerston in a fire leads Georgiana Grey to ask questions. 
Who would want Lord Wickerston dead? Does her brother Edward know more than he is willing to say? And how is the notorious highwayman known as the Crimson Cavalier involved

Author's Biography

By day Mary Andrea Clarke is a highly responsible civil servant - but by night she is a Mystery Woman: a member of a vibrant group of readers and writers (not all female!) who organise events and meetings all over the UK.

 Â£7.99    Paperback

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Reader Comments

Terrific writing! Can't wait for the next book by this author!
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