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By Alistair Forrest
Published by Quaestor2000
ISBN 978-1-906836-07-8
October 2009


Set in southern Spain in the 1st Century BC, Libertas introduces the idyllic community of Munda. But Rome’s generals have a score to settle – and two armies will clash in the upland valley before Munda. A story of bravery, love, invention and hope.

Author's Biography

Alistair Forrest decided to be a writer when his teacher ticked him off for being too descriptive in an essay on Macbeth. Quietly defiant, he embarked on a successful career in journalism. In 2004, he moved to Spain and started writing Libertas.


“… Libertas is a good read: pacy, exciting and often funny. Forrest makes us care about Munda.” The Historical Novels Review

“Forrest has the gift of the true story teller – the ability to engage his readers’ interest from the very first sentence.” Sir Patrick Cormack, FSA, MP

“… a fast-moving tale of fortitude, survival and eventual retribution told against the background of Rome’s bloody civil war.” Doug Jackson, best-selling author of Caligula

£9.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

Libertas is very well researched and a cracking good read with plenty of action. The characters are also very well drawn and totally believable. I can't wait for the next installment.
A deserving winner!
Took this book on holiday with me and what a fantastic read - I could not put it down and finished within a couple of days. Certainly would recommend to everyone.
A slightly different take on the "classic" historical novel which is very well written and contains some lovely descriptive passages and metaphors. One certainly gets a sense of time and place. I liked the fact that the book did not overly dwell on battle details but instead on resolving personal matters with a can-do, practical attitude and the determination of the main character. Having said that there is a mystical element to the story and some similarities with The Alchemist.
Fantastic read, had me hooked from the beginning to end.
A very good book
Unlike the Da Vinci Code - a great read based on histotical fact!
This was a great read. I like historical fiction, but this made the Roman time period seem real and contemporary. Would be a good as an audio book.
Can't wait for the next one.
Libertas is made memorable by its adventurous story that excels the usual limitations of historical fiction. Outstanding.
Action and adventure packed! I admired the determination of the main character and I also enjoyed the mystical element to the story. It was indeed well researched, and beautifully written. I would not normally choose historical fiction, it was the geografical location in which it was set that attracted me. Fabulously read!
Libertas has everything; whether you crave the historical content and accuracy helping to immerse you into the depths of time, or whether you just fancy a damned good read, this book can be highly recommended. Libertas comes into the 'when I turned to the last page I felt a sense of loss' category - Libertas has not left my side since starting to read it earlier this month. Riveting.
“The thinking man’s Rupert Cornwell… or the drinking man’s Robert Graves!” A really good read. The research shines through without clogging up the pace of the narrative. With very precise use of language – particularly the dialogue – Allistair has managed to steer that tricky course between the overtly modern vernacular and the stilted mock archaic, which is so often the downfall of historical novels.
A gripping historial novel, made more interesting for me because the location was set on local territory.
A very good read- History not usually my choice but glad to have discovered this surprising and well written gem! Will recommend it to family and friends!
A very well researched book which, unlike some books in which the results of that level of research get in the way of the story, is both thoroughly enjoyable and immensely readable. As another reader has commented, roll on the next one!
Great book, beautifully written, engaging, full of adventure.
great book. Loved the mountain people. Packed with history. When the next one?.
The best book i've read in a very, very long time. Eagerly waiting for the the next in the trilogy.
Keep chasing that chap Cornwell!
A thoroughly enjoyable read, Alistairs' descriptive writing flowed beautifully & I was suprised at how much I enjoyed this as historical fiction is not my usual choice of read. Now however, I am champing at the bit for Alistairs next novel, don't leave it too long please... R Lock
This is a beautifully written book that grabs your attention from the start. It has been well researched and there are more installments to come and I for one am looking forward to the next one in the series.
Pacey, well researched and great feeling for place and a strong story. Nick McCarty
great read and really does get you involved.
my wife bought this book,and when she finished it i read it. once started i could not put it down. a great story about roman spain with no holds barred! cannot wait for alistair forrests next book..
This is the Roman Empire unromanticized: the cruelty and sadism are horribly real, but do not overwhelm because the other business gets very careful attention - there are many tormented farewells and heart-rending re-unions, and much heroism, love and companionship. A read with a huge scope geographically (Spain-Mediterranean-Africa-Sicily) and emotionally (all of them). A book of excesses (including the adjectives, but you'll forgive them). Recommended.
Alistair Forrest has converted me to historical novels by his descriptive writing - I feel I know Pito like a brother.
Libertas is vivid, dramatic and fast moving. An informative and well researched page turner.
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