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By Caroline Rance
ISBN 9780955861345
Category Historical/Romance
October 2009


Chester, 1756: Twenty-two-year-old Mary Helsall takes a job as a hospital nurse in an attempt to escape her dubious past. But who is the mysterious patient who claims to know what she is hiding, and can rotgut gin ever be the cure for her fears?

Author's Biography

Caroline Rance began writing fiction in her twenties, inspired by her interest in medical history. Born in Wirral in 1975, she now lives in the Chilterns and is writing her second novel. More information is available at her website,


The city truly comes alive, with scenes, smells, tastes all being virtually palpable ... Rance's descriptive scenes are excellent.’
Elaine Dingsdale, The Bookbag

‘This is an impressive first novel, based on a combination of accuracy and historical research.’
Alannah Tomkins, author, The Experience of Urban Poverty

‘In essence, it's dark and rich and strong, like the best brandy, and I can thoroughly recommend it ...’
Anne Brooke, author, Maloney's Law

£10.00 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Really enjoying this book; very atmospheric and evokes the atmosphere of the period
A fine read, set in Chester and featuring plenty of gin.
I thorougly enjoyed this book and have recommended it to my book club
Perfectly captures a time and a place and keeps you reading with it's evocative writing and likeable heroine.
Description takes the reader right back to those bad times. Characters easy to empathise with. Excellent plot keeps the reader turning pages.
This was one of my favourite histfic books of the year. Hope it wins!
An excellent read. The book is so descriptive of the period you feel you are there.
Thoroughly good read.
Rich metaphors, vibrant plot and seems to tell the truth about what it was like to be an intelligent, frustrated woman in those days.
I love this book. Beautifully written and orginal. A writer to watch!
One of my favourite books, Caroline Rance paints such a vivid picture in her scenes that it's easy to feel you are part of the action.
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