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The Spirit of Self-Help
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The Spirit of Self-Help

Subtitle A Life of Samuel Smiles
By John Hunter
ISBN 9780856835124
Category biography
Spring 2017


This first biography of the man who launched the self-help phenomenon is a reflection on themes of success and failure, individual and society, moral and material worth. Both before and after the sensational success of Self-Help, his output was vast, as newspaper editor, periodical journalist, and author of many biographies.

Author's Biography

John Hunter, born in Northern Ireland, was awarded a degree in history and political science at Trinity College, Dublin. After a successful career in the communications industry and in manufacturing, he studied at Birkbeck College, London, taking an MA in Victorian Studies. The Spirit of Self-Help is his first book.


 Price ££19.95

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Reader Comments

Thoughtful, clear and readable. Readdresses one of the most successful writers and thinkers of the Victorian age and makes him relevant today.
A magnificent book. Highly recommended.
Highly informative. A great read.
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