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Chilled Children
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Chilled Children

Subtitle Creative Imagination Programme
By Stuart and Amanda Jewell
ISBN 9780995692503
Spring 2017


The Chilled Children and Chilled for Autism programmes provide teachers with a wide range of resources to help children to deal with mental and emotional difficulties, and give them tools for the future. This programme has been written using meditation, visualisation and clinical hypnotherapy techniques. 

Author's Biography

Stuart and Amanda Jewell are a husband and wife team and parents of two wonderful boys.Their passion is helping people with Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. Amanda has a BA Hons in Combined Humanities, Reiki Master and Practises Yoga and Meditation. Stuart is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Masters Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


"This resource is a must for teachers who, from time to time, may need a quick 'pick me up' or 'calm down' session that will promote learning readiness but not take up a busy timetable. This is a no fuss simple resource, easy to use, follow and build into a hectic school day" Mrs Craddock, Headteacher, Hudson primary School, Maghull.
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Reader Comments

Good luck
This book is exactly what teachers need to help children experience mental and emotional difficulties. Great for Reception to Year 6. Assists with calmness and focus and covers a raft of emotional challenges. If we can't have a counsellor or psychologist in school then this is the next best thing. Children need our help with mental and emotional health and teachers need help to provide it, this book is a great solution
I really enjoyed the training course on how to use Chilled Children – eye opener, very beneficial. It was very easy to follow and very relaxing. Enjoyed it, will use the program with my class
I find that this is a great tool to use, better in the afternoons where it is needed most. Excellent if used as part of the normal classroom routine
I used Chilled Children before SATS sessions last May. The children responded well and achieved a good level of concentration before each test. I noticed the class were calm and composed, alert and positive in their approach to the test
A wonderful book that could benefit all teachers.
Cannot wait to see this practice implemented into classrooms...
An excellent read!
very interesting
I think this will help teachers and children
Very good and perfect for the purpose!
Teachers love, children love it.
Beautifully written, put together and published.
Teachers need this book, children deserve it.
Lovely book to look after children's emotional health
Well written, lovely images, very calming for children
A must for primary school teachers to help with their children's mental and emotional wellbeing
These books have taken a lot of time, energy and effort to create. They have been a labour of love. We sincerely hope that primary school teachers will continue to use them to help their pupils grow into more emotionally secure adults. We would like to thank everyone who has given us their support along the way, especially our publisher and her team, Christina Gabbitas of Poems and Pictures Ltd. Please vote for us if you know us, are interested in what we do or want to support teachers and children with our publication. Please also look out for Triangular Trev and vote for Christina. Thank you! Stuart and Amanda Jewell.
A book that's like a therapist in the classroom
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