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Nickolai of the North

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Nickolai of the North

Subtitle The Story of Young Santa
By Lucy Daniel Raby
Published by Tinkerbell Books
ISBN 0-340-90300-7
Category FANTASY
Spring 2017


Nickolai is the last elf in the world, rescued from the destruction of his kingdom by Comet, a flying reindeer. Growing up amongst humans, his Quest for identity becomes his destiny to save the world and create his Christmas mission, in this thrilling story of how Santa came to be. 

Author's Biography

Lucy Daniel Raby is an award winning writer with a long background in children's TV, including BAFTA winning shows Shaun the Sheep and Angelina Ballerina. She also created her own successful show, Big Kids, for CBBC. The Nickolai books are under option to Gatehouse Productions and currently in film development.


'A real yuletide treat ... If it doesn't give you that Xmas feeling, then there is no help for it: you have become Scrooge.' (Amanda Craig, The Times} 

'Honest writing, rich imaginings and thrilling twists ensure that this will become a Christmas classic.' (Christina Hardyment, The Independent.) 
Price £10.00/£1.18/£5.00

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