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An Alphabet of Awful Animals for Adults

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An Alphabet of Awful Animals for Adults

By George Courtauld
ISBN 9780956739735
Category Humour
Spring 2017


Described and depicted are 70 creatures from A for Al-mi'raj [a carnivorous rabbet] to Z for Zoo-keeper [a hardworking drudge]. Two grandfathers, a writer and an artist, have combined 150 years of experience to produce this intriguing and engaging book. For young and old who like to 'laugh and learn'.

Author's Biography

Courtauld has been a textile manufacturer, plant collector for Kew, farmer, Vice Lord-lieutenant and High Sheriff. His 'Fat Bulldog' trilogy are 3 volumes describing his 3,500,000 miles travelling as a Queen's Messenger [pub. Constable and Abacus].


Price £12.50

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Reader Comments

This book has a very entertaining text and illustrations. I am going to read it to my grandchildren and I am sure they will enjoy it
Amazing illustrations well done John Holder you captured the verse which is funny brilliantly
AAAA is fun and delightful. The drawings excite the curiosity for the poems...a great combo!
Fun for children and adults!
It is the drawings which bring to book to life. Well done John Holder
Great book for all the family.entertaining and very colourful
Just the thing for the child who always says 'Why?'.
Wonderful book, beautifully illustrated and entertaining to read out loud to children. Well done
Wonderfully amusing.. Beautifully illustrated. A treat for all generations. How brilliant is that?
Loved this book, very witty!
Great illustrations
Great pictures!
Brilliant book - wonderful querky verses by George Courtauld and splendid funny illustrations by famous artist John holder. deserves to win and will certainly become a classic
Brilliant Drawings
the book is great but your website is the pits - one of the clunkiest and least userfriendly ever. Ipad couldn't cope, Windows 10 struggled, and so did I but here is my vote - finally.
Very enjoyable... good to read to the grandchildren, and fun for us, too. Wonderful illustrations by John Holder.
Brilliant illustrations; hilarious verses.
Look out for the Frog... And for the Sponge!!
Beautiful, unique illustrations with a delightful read. A complete package! Superb!!!!
Congratulations on a very good book for all ages
Brilliant stuff. Fun for all.
Wonderful stories and wonderful illustrations. A joy of a book.
Fabulous book. A smile on every page. Exquisite illustrations. All my friends love it too. Appeals to all ages.
Excellent book - brilliantly written and illustrated with great humour and innuendos!
Very amusing, both for children and adults with great illustrations
Creepy, crawly, creative and clever!
Fascinating book. Fun for adults and children. Brilliant
We found it humorous and enjoyable reading - the illustrations are brilliant.
So very clever and talented, a brilliant book
Hilarious - just like the author.
Colourful and full of fun, just the tonic to entertain the grandkids.
This is such a beautiful book and funny too. Children and adults will enjoy it together
A beautifully produced book (with wonderful illustrations) which is a delight to read for adults, children and grandchildren. Humour and fun together with an educational aspect. This book deserves a place in every household.
Just animal great!
This is a wonderful read and much enjoyed.
Glorious humour and grat illustrations
A fantastic fun and colourful book. Great read
An enchanting book - not only for children but grown ups too! Fabulous illustrations. Well done George !
Excellent little book.
Wonderful book for all the family
I love this book
A great book for children and adults
This book is wonderful!
Good fun and for both children and adults
A brilliantly written book with superb illustrations
I love this book. Very funny.
Such good fun- very original. Brilliant illustrations.
Very funny poems and fantastic illustrations.
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