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Among Thieves
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Among Thieves

By Mez Packer
Published by Tindal Street Press
ISBN 978-0955647628
Category Thriller/crime/mystery
October 2009


It’s 1983 and Andy and Pads, two ex-student drug dealers, are locked in a feud of mysterious origin. But when Andy sets up a disastrous deal with IRA gangsters and is paid in fake dollars, his life is on the line. Now he must turn to malicious Pads for help…

Author’s Bio: Born in Essex, Mez Packer was a student at Warwick University in the 80s and traveled in Europe and Asia. She experimented in alternative lifestyles in the 90s and travelled to India, Nepal and Thailand. She lives with her partner and her two children in Leamington, Warwickshire.

Author's Biography

Born in Essex, Mez Packer was a student at Warwick University in the 80s and traveled in Europe and Asia. She experimented in alternative lifestyles in the 90s and travelled to India, Nepal and Thailand. She lives with her partner and her two children in Leamington, Warwickshire.


‘Comical, sometimes profound, this is a highly original debut’ – Guardian

‘The energy of the writing and the darkness of the story are reminiscent of Martin Amis—but better plotted’ - Independent on Sunday

‘Packer, who has a gift for quirky conversational description and social satire, is a promising new novelist’ – Times Literary Supplement

‘Like any good thriller, it’s all about voyage, not destination. This one’s worth travelling on’ – The Word

‘Engaging and very innovative’ - Howard Marks

‘The headlong narrative of Among Thieves brilliantly evokes the drug-fuelled 2 Tone madness of 1980s Coventry’ - Graham Joyce

£7.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

Wonderful novel. Couldn't put it down.
Amazing book, I couldn't put it down!!
Here is my Vote!
Lovvveed this book!!! x gets my vote everytime :) x
I only put this book down once - when I'd turned the last page. I then picked it up and read it again. Amazing! x
sounds like an awesome book
Dark, sexy and funny. Get a copy before they all fly off the shelves.
Simply loved it.
Brilliant read!
A great read! Loved it!
Loved this book, I couldnt put it down, - a total page turner.
A bit of Tory-bashing always goes down well here in Parliament. Brilliantly, interestingly written.
Dark, funny and thrilling. Buy it now!
'Among Thieves' was such a brilliant, compelling read. I loved every page. Moving and fast paced. Thanks for an excellent read.
A striking debut for a writer of whom we hope to see much, much more!
Among Thieves is a subtle, complex book written in three voices - all of them marvellous and compelling and completely different. Couldn't put it down.
loved it!!!!
I loved this book. The characters and settings were so real. A love story disguised as a gritty crime thriller. Brilliant.
A briliant novel shining with wit,character and plot of the first order.
Lyrical, cinematic, versatile, sexy, twisty, deep with meaning, and fundamentally decent. This dazzling debut from a gifted writer tells two parallel tales of scams, vengeance and love which intersect at a surprising point. Three startlingly variant voices – a luckless lowgrade gangster, a misanthropic Trustafarian, and an Albanian hill farmer – and a variety of vibrant secondary characters who prove stronger, in many cases, than those telling it … unmissable.
A great read with a fabulous ending. Real rounded characters that you wanted to know, even if you didn't like them and very visually written. Should be made into a movie.
Really enjoyed this book. Loved the way it all came together at the end. Crazy and very clever!
Awesome! So enjoyed it, best book I have read all year.
I thought this book was a rollercoaster ride through a world that interlinks a disparate bunch of people. Very well written, very enjoyable with a wonderful car crash ending.
Among Thieves by Mez Packer
i read this book and really enjoyed it definitely deserves your vote :)
A taut, entertaining alt-thriller, punching well over the weight of its peers thematically. Mez Packer speaks with a confident,compelling new voice.
Brilliant debut, can't wait for the next one!
sad, funny, exciting and touching
Among Thieves is a great read. The plot hops around the globe in an interesting weave of sub plots which all converge in an interesting twist at the end. The main characters, Andy and Pads are brilliantly brought to life by the writer and while a lot of what they do is unsavoury, you may well find yourself liking, laughing, and sympathising with them along the way.
Great book and a very interesting read. Welll done! Looking forward to the next book!!
This novel describes place so beautifully - and the metaphors are incredible. I love the pace, and the plot and the poetry of the Albanian scenes. A very accomplished first novel.
A great tale - full of spine-tingling episodes and memorable characters. The dialogue is dazzlingly accurate. You'll be dragged by the momentum from start to finish.
Exciting, energetic writing; a thrilling read.
Brilliant read that leaves you hanging until the very last page.
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