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Subtitle Positive steps to manage stress and achieve peace of mind
By Martin Stepek
ISBN 9780955650796
Category mind/body
Winter 2016


Using examples from his own life, Martin shows how he uses mindfulness to cope with daily stress. He also advises readers on how they too can incorporate simple mindfulness exercises into their lives to help them de-stress and be more able to deal with distressing situations as they arise. 

Author's Biography

Martin Stepek has been a teacher of Mindfulness since 2004 and is an adviser on the introduction of Mindfulness to schools, workplaces and communities. His first published work 'For There is Hope' won an award for best bilingual book and was a finalist in the People's Book Prize, summer 2013


Martin Stepek has written a book of great beauty, clarity and generosity. As a manual for mindful living, each page has something for us all. 
Mark Williams 
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology 
University of Oxford 

Extremely insightful and helpful book. Mindfulness had changed the way i deal with situations that crop up and can impact on mental health. Highly recommended . 
Karen Gardner, Amazon 

...makes sense of life and living in a more thoughtful way...was so helpful that I purchased the paperback book to gift to a friend 
Margaret Gavan, Amazon ebook buyer 

you are in the hands of an expert here... shows you how to apply mindful living in day-to-day activities. It will brighten your day. 
B. Adamson, Amazon 
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Fantastic book! I've used it with my clients as well as myself. Martin can explain how to apply mindfulness to our lives so easily, no jargon and easy to understand.
Martin shines a bright light in Scotland and his books are so inspiring. Thank you so much for bringing so much peace to my life in troubled times and making me notice the birds and the simple beautiful things around me.
This is a wonderful book. I keep it at my bedside and dip into it if I wake feeling anxious, down or negative. It never fails to lift my mood.
Excellent, enlightening book. It has changed the way I live my day to day life. It could change yours too!
Eastern methods for the Western world. With increasing rates of depression and anxiety everyone should know about the practice of Mindfulness.
Martin's first book For There is Hope moved me to tears. Mindful Living also deserves to be an award winning book - it will help anyone achieve more peace and deal with life in a calmer way
Martin deserves any award for the wonderful work that he does which shows throughout the content of this book
Love this book!
I've been following his articles in The Sunday Herald...excellent!
A right good read
Great book. Love it.
Excellent book. It has really helped me on days when I feel has also helped me learn how to be more mindful of what's around me.
Martin Stepek is an inspiration to me. Buy his books. Go to his lectures. Change your life.
Another outstanding book by Martin Stepek. Any book by this author is essential reading.
A beautifully written book showing a deep understanding and reflection a life lived in the practice of mindfulness.
Excellent read and insight in to the world of mindfulness
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