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From Syria With Love
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From Syria With Love

By Molly Masters
Published by Indie Books
ISBN 9781908041340
Category Journalism/Current Affairs
Winter 2016


A close-up portrait of children caught up in the Syria conflict. It brings together poems, pictures and stories from young people living in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon. Deeply moving and, because of the resilience and optimism of the children themselves, ultimately inspiring. Proceeds go to FSWL charity.

Author's Biography

Molly Masters is a university student inspired by volunteering with the charity ‘From Syria With Love'. She has combined the children’s own creative work with material inspired by the children’s own words and by the wider crisis


Price £10.00

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Reader Comments

a rare chance to hear from Syrian refugee children directly. really special
A beautiful poignant book, showing humanity and communication during extreme times. Hearing the children's stories, life and seeing their drawings. Also the fact that it brings awareness of others into our lives and ando it's all from people who's more than a charity.'s anot integration of kindness
Great book, hard hitting subject, important literature
Amazing book and amazing author. She should be so proud.
Amazing book,author and charity.
Truly amazing.
A great book which highlights the wonderful human lives of children caught up in a terrible conflict. All proceeds going to charity is also humbling.
The plight of Syria.
Deeply emotional stories from amazing children. Very beautiful and delicately written.
An amazing book from such a young and creative mind
This book is truly inspirational and is a real eye-opener, displaying the personal stories of children living in Syria to this day that aren't broadcasted on the news. The literature written by Molly is just so beautiful and emotionally loving. I thoroughly believe this book should be granted all the recognition that it so dearly deserves, to ensure that more people are aware of the effect for children over in Syria.
Powerful, insightful, great way of raising awareness in our current time! i think everyone should have a copy of this book!
Through the messages of these children, a certain degree of sense can be brought back into the world. It's a wonderfully collated book with powerful contributions from young people who have suffered more than most of us do in a lifetime. This is a book that needs to be read the world over.
It would be amazing to see the voices and stories of these children projected and heard by even more people, and to be recognised by a prize like this for their inspirational value and beauty.
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