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100 Ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate
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100 Ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate

By Jane Wenham-Jones
Published by Accent Press Ltd
ISBN 9781909520929
Category Health & Fitness
Winter 2016


100 helpful and humorous ways to fight the flab from Jane Wenham-Jones, best-selling author and columnist.

Author's Biography

Jane Wenham-Jones is the author of four novels – Raising the Roof, Perfect Alibis, One Glass Is Never Enough and Prime Time which have received wide acclaim. She also writes for women’s magazines and the national press and has a humorous weekly column in her local newspaper.


"A light hearted, downright funny, interesting and useful book." -- Suzy Bowler 
Price ££7.99

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Reader Comments

Brilliant fun read and very useful advice!
It really works!
Great fun and useful too. Highly recommended!
Jane is a wonderful, funny author and this book is not just laugh-out-loud, but also very useful. The voice of experience. :)
fabulous fun read
Such fun!
Lots of fun and very rewarding.
Do it the easy way... Highly recommended
A must read.
Sound, sensible advice
Way Hey Check this out !
An extremely helpful and humorous book.
Having successfully told us Brits how to keep trim I look forward to Jane bringing us the USA edition '100 ways to fight the flab - and still have giant burgers and buckets of coke' Ken Street
Fab book x
Great tips and easy to read!
Brilliant book. Easy to read and very informative!
Great ideas for dieting without excess pain. Humorous and serious simultaneously. A good read.
Very good at showing the reader anyone can do what they are aiming for without too much sacrifice
Great book, funny, informative and entertaining
Simple and brilliant!
A lovely mix of sensible and zany ideas. (I had one idea in this book but it seems to have got lost in the edit. Still a good read.
Superb book. Informative and entertaining.
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