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Teach A Friend to Read
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Teach A Friend to Read

By Teach a Friend to Read Campaign
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 9781907205316
Winter 2016


It is magic: a one to one coach book to teach anyone struggling to improve their reading or simply learn how to read.  Ideal  
 Anyone who can read the short, simple instructions can become a coach and teach a friend, 
family members or neighbour of any age to read and write. This system uses phonics and the reading 
exercises form a story to promote reading for meaning whilst being fun: the book is non-specific in terms of age,
race, culture, or background.
Great help for parents who want to help their children catch up at school.
An amazing book that will change lives for the better. .

Author's Biography

A consortium of brilliant teachers and writers to help eradicate illiteracy.


Price £7.00

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