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The Dementia Whisperer
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The Dementia Whisperer

Subtitle Scenes from the frontline of caring
By Agnes B Juhasz
ISBN 9781781610961
Winter 2016


Agnes writes with great humanity and understanding, drawing on many years of experience of working with people with dementia, to show how she has learned to communicate and establish an ongoing rapport with them so as to find the essence of the person hiding behind the symptoms of the disease.

Author's Biography

After training to be a nurse, Hungarian-born Agnes spent five years as leader of a dementia-specific programme in Australia before coming to the UK to become a full-time, 24/7 dementia carer.


Daily Mail 24 October 2016:
Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Exceptionally supportive. A must read. Thank you.
Everybody should read this book. It helped my peace of mind.
An amazing supportive book.
This book has changed my previous - not so god - attitude towards dementia and made me a better daughter who accepts `the odds` and now having fun with mum who lives with dementia. Thank you. Sarah
This is a moving and inspiring account of living with dementia, told with great insight and humility. Thank you Agnes for everything. Jan
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