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By Bethan White
Published by T Squared Books
ISBN 978-0995452107
Winter 2016


Imagine a man, no stupider or thoughtless than anyone else you might meet.He struggles with depression and the denial which is so often its travelling companion, and this takes him on a downward spiral which sucks so many others into his wake. No fall from grace happens to just one person; the high velocity spatter of a life suddenly in ruins touches everyone and no one is ever the same again. 

Not everyone crashes and burns in his headlong flight; some are collateral damage and boy, do they deserve it! Some are hurt but can limp away, to carry on lives which are not worse, just different. Others gain knowledge, perspective and another layer of skin, making them more fit for the rest of their lives. 

Author's Biography

Bethan White is a new writer with a lot to say. Her first book, Downward, is by turns heart-breaking and thought-provoking but with those flashes of humour with which any life is peppered. Bethan is a welcome addition to the T Squared stable. Although a young writer, she shows maturity beyond her years and we are certainly hoping that she is working on her next one already, although she is keeping that very close to her chest. Bethan White is certainly a name to watch as we believe she has a very bright future.


Price £9.99

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