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By David McGrath
Published by Thistle Publishing
ISBN 9781910670040
Winter 2016


Having spiraled into self-destruction, Irish finds himself homeless on the streets of London. In a last-ditch effort to sort something out, he rents a rickshaw, propelling him into a frantic sub-culture of criminals, misfits and lost souls. 

Author's Biography

David McGrath has won the Bare Fiction Prize, the Peirene Press Story Competition, placed in the Words with Jam Short Story Competition and was highly commended in the Manchester Fiction Prize 2013.


‘A hilarious, poignant and razor-sharp debut, set in the underbelly of London’s West End, as the hero pedals frantically with the past always hot on his heels.’  Books Ireland 
‘Rickshaw is funny, above all, but also wicked, exhausting, and by turns kind. McGrath is a writer of substantial potential, demanding of attention. Rickshaw is that call to attention.’ Open Pen 
‘The novel is set on the peripheries of conventional-bourgeois life, and Joe finds himself growing into London, by simply observing those who operate by the rule of the street: thus hustlers, the homeless, peddlers, vendors, whores, drunks and drug addicts all become his gateway to understanding the city.’ 
Irish Post 

‘David McGrath writes for ‘my mates in the pub who never read’, but the rapid sale of copies of Rickshaw after his performance of a scene from this novel to a room of avid readers tells you that his appeal is much broader than that. No, he doesn’t like adverbs and he avoids flowery descriptive language. Instead, he uses sparse narrative and superb dialogue to say it all.’ 
Gwen Goodhew - Waverton Good Reads Award 
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

unbridled genius - mcgrath is a force to be heard
Hillarious.a great read enjoyed it fro start to finish,looking forward to more of this writers work
Hilarious from start to finish; a type of humour that entirely matches the subject. Loved this book.
Great book.
Highly entertaining. Great book
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