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Godfrey and the Stars
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Godfrey and the Stars

By Mike Fryer
Published by Pudding Press
ISBN 9780993010682
Category 7+ years and 23 illustrations
Winter 2016


This beautifully illustrated book is about Godfrey, a gargoyle living at the top of the Cathedral and a scatter-brained Pigeon who becomes his friend. They spend an evening stargazing at various wonders as the Moon, the Pole Star, comets and the Milky Way.

Author's Biography

Mike Fryer from Colchester is a Research Scientist at the University of Essex. He is a brilliant artist, a one-time amateur pilot and has a life-long interest in astronomy, especially the planets.


A beautifully written and illustrated children's book about the night sky. Amazon customer review
Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

So much fun. Highly recommended
A gorgeous book about an outsider finding fun and friendship, with illustrations so vivid they are almost edible.
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