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Chatty Cat
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Chatty Cat

Subtitle My Purr-fect Friends Author
By Suzan Collins
Published by East Anglia Press
ISBN 978-0993493454
Category 8 years plus. 10 illustrations
Winter 2016


Narrated by Chatty Cat find out how she makes new friends, goes on fresh adventures and discovers more about the fascinating world she inhabits. 
The book is interspersed with clever snippets of humour and with some references to social etiquette and introduces bullying and dementia in a subtle but positive way. 

Author's Biography

Suzan writes in many styles and genres, fiction and non-fiction, adults and children. She enjoys writing fiction as it allows her to make up stories to entertain readers, while eating cake, and writing non-fiction because she can share information and teach others new skills. She is a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK. 


I was reading it as soon as it was out of the package! I wasn't disappointed it is brilliant, immediately I'm there with Chatty Cat and her purr-felt friends on their adventures. Suzan Collins at her best sprinkled with magic. If you are owned by cats it's a must read! 
Price £4.99

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Reader Comments

Good read for all the family
a beautiful little book well thought about
It's a lovely tale that children and adults helping slow readers will enjoy.
i would like to have this book please.
Brilliant book fantastic learning tool
A super book by a super cat
A 'must' read for cat lovers everywhere. A book the whole family can enjoy!
Brilliant read
Lovely book, great story and illustrations
Wonderful book. Very informative.
I don't read often but loved this book and nor do I like cats!
A great read for my 10 year old daughter. lovely book.
I have enjoyed reading this book to my granddaughter, Marceline. She loved it as did I
Very funny not just for kids
I love anthropomorphic writing and this book ticks all my boxes
Purrfect little book. Nice gentle read with some bigger words to stretch younger readers. Great to read with your child and enjoy making special cat voices!
Good luck Suzan.
This is a beautiful easy to read childrens book
Great book!
Good luck Suzan!
I enjoyed this book a great deal. It's fun to see things from the cats point of view. This book will appeal to all ages. Hopefully encourage people to rescue rather than buy cats and how rewarding this is.
An extremely entertaining book that engages children and takes them on a fantastic journey.
Brilliant and funny. Chatty Cat is a marvel
Great cat story for children and adults alike which includes social etiquette and an introduction to dementia and bullying.
What a charming little book about Chatty Cat and friends and their adventures, children will love it, Cat lovers will love it and I love it. Brilliant work to your collection of Chatty Cat Books Suzan Collins.
Really lovely book. Very entertaining.
Brilliant, well written, heartfelt story.
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