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Worrals of the WAAF
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Worrals of the WAAF

By Matt Kindt
Published by Indie Books
ISBN 9781908041098
Category 8+ years
Winter 2016


The adventures of flying officer Joan 'Worrals' Worralson, a female pilot in 1940, and her sidekick 'Frecks'. Joan was not allowed to fly alongside her male colleagues until a mysterious plane plunges her into aerial combat.

Author's Biography

W E Johns was an author for 46 years and wrote 160 books, 100 of which were the famous Biggles books. Matt Kindt is an award winning American graphic novelist


Worrals adventures are well worth reading. The new illustrations bring the text up to date and make it appealing for a modern child. Amazon Vine Voices 
Nicely presented and a enjoyable read - and money goes towards a good cause! Amazon customer review
Price £12.00

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Reader Comments

Interesting stories bij WE Johns
W E Johns' classic stories given new life
Why has the author of the Worrals books been altered? They were written by W. E. Johns, not Matt Kindt?
Why do you say the book is by Matt Kindt? It was written by WE Johns. As far as I'm aware, Kindt only did the illustrations.
A fast moving and enjoyable story. Worrals is determined to fly and does in this book, written by an author who was himself a flyer in war-time.
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