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The Oligarch

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The Oligarch

By Joseph Clyde (George Walden)
Published by Gibson Square
ISBN 978190809675
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


Meet Arshile Grekov. A reclusive Russian oligarch, he lives in Holland Park, London, in exceptional opulence. Yet his doctors are worried by his mysteriously failing health... He seeks the help of MI5 agent Tony Underwood.

Author's Biography

Josephy Clyde is the pseudonym of George Walden, a highranking former diplomat and government minister under Margaret Thatcher. He lives in London. 


'In the tradition of John le Carre and Frederic Forsyth' The Times 
'Resolvedly clever.' Sunday Times 
'Dead-pan humour.'Independent
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Great title. Will include it in my Christmas gift list.
It is such a pleasure to find a book that keeps the reader glued to it -- that was my experience.
Wow, an absolute page turner.
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