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Prevent and Cure Diabetes
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Prevent and Cure Diabetes

Subtitle delicious diets, not dangerous drugs
By Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson
ISBN 9781781610770
Category health
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


Amidst an epidemic of type-2 diabetes, treated routinely with drugs and recommendations to base meals around starchy carbs, Dr Myhill draws on her experience with thousands of patients to identify the root cause of the problem and how, by changing diet and lifestyle, the condition can be overcome

Author's Biography

Dr Sarah Myhill qualified in medicine (with Honours) from Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1982 and has since focused tirelessly on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the 'diseases of civilisation'. She has worked in both the NHS and private practice.


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Reader Comments

Great information for the unconverted a must for all to read
Great book full of information
Thank goodness for the World that we have Dr. Myhill and Craig Robinson in it!
The first edition was stunning and explained much of what has ailed me for two decades, giving protocols for change. I am very excited about the new edition; expecting expansion on older issues plus new ones. Sarah Myhill gave and continues to give us the benefit of her years of research and findings, continually updated and modified, which combine to offer us hope. Cannot be underestimated.
We need more info like this from patient oriented Doctors!!??
Dr Myhill is an incredible doctor for her amazing work on delivering the truth on illness and disease. Most doctors tell you they don't know the cause for most common illness and diseases and that there is no cure. I've read Dr Myhill's diagnoses and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome which has change my life and now this book will help diabetes sufferers as well. I used to suffer metabolic syndrome and hypoglycaemia I'm now cured thanks to Dr Myhill.
The messages in this book need to be publicized, and to become main stream, for the sake of the health of all in the future.
Being type 2, this book is a must read
Sarah myhill has a long background in sensible approaches to illnesses - which work!
Excellent and imformative. Will help improve many lives. 25
Working with Dr Myhill and focusing on the root causes of my poor health was the best move I made on my road to recovery.
With Diabetes rates rising so rapidly many people would benefit from reading this book and learning how to make changes to their diet sooner rather than later.
Very useful book full of information
Dr Myhill has changed my life by explaining what other doctors don't. This book is another example of how she changes lives for the better.
Another very important book by someone I trust completely...more help to get me healthy.
Sarah Myhill is a life-saving GP with a broad spectrum understanding of healing, So its always more than worth paying attention to what she has to say.
Wonderful book. Very well researched and helpful. Dr Sarah Myhill has contributed so much to medicine, and has given the public invaluable information on health problems. Brilliant book. Everybody should read it.
Gave my wife hope and more when she was poleaxed with insecticide poisoning
This author has helped thousands of people.
This is a brilliant book with a lot of helpful information and advice even if you do not go for the full diet advice. It works. Readable, credible, trail blazing.
Dr Myhill is an amazing woman, unafraid of speaking the truths that she has uncovered in her own extensive experience. We are all grateful for her work and her indomitable spirit.
This is a life-saver and should be a school text book.
My favourite book on diabetes. Highly recommend.
Dr Myhill deserves a medal for her services to her patients; many thanks for your very valuable advice.
The epidemic of diabetes can be stopped if people have the correct information and informed doctors saves lives. Dr Myhills book is an excellent way to get that word out, and has the potential to help thousands of people, and not least reduce the amount of money spent by the NHS on drugs and treatment for further complicaitons.
easy to read, packed full of sensible advice, like all her writing; another winner.
Excellent and informative book!
Dr Myhills passion and vision for looking holistically at medicine desrves my vote fir changing people's perceptions and understanding of the body
A really helpful and useful book.
A book and subject matter to be taken very seriously indeed - for our common good. Warm and grateful thanks to Dr Sarah Myhill for being so engaged in the search for better health for all.
Informative, witty, a fascinating read. This brilliant book should be supplied to every GP & diabetes specialist.
As usual, Dr Myhill gets to the root of the problem!
Dr Myhill has made a huge contribution to medical science.
Dr Myhill deserves a medal for her services to medicine .
Complex medical science presented in a clear and accessible way - and above all practical and effective. Excellent.
Wonderful and the potential to save so many lives.. Dr Myhill could save the NHS a fortune. All docs should read this
Excellent and informative book. Easy to understand life changing advice.
Dy Myhill is a very knowledgeable author/doctor.... :)
I trust Dr Myhill's advice and protocols after reading her CFS book. I'm confident that her Diabetes information is scientific and effective.
Great informative book
Dr Myhill knows her business and expresses it brilliantly in her books
This book should be required reading for ALL GPs & Diabetologists as well as anyone with diabetes, pre diabetes, or anyone who wants to ensure they do not become diabetic!
Brilliant book
Essential reading for anyone affected by diabetes.
Brilliant advice that gave my mother–in–law her life back and no diabetes for her last ten years
Fantastic and very informative book. Plenty of information and written so that anyone can understand it. Brilliant!
Following Dr Myhills advice I no longer have metabolic syndrome nor hypoglycemia. Thank you.
A life changing and enhancing book; the information inside can radically improve all our health. Easy to read and hugely thought provoking. A book to refer to on regular basis. Brilliant!
Game changing!
A life-changing book where the answers are obvious to those who care to learn.
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