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The Shift
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The Shift

Subtitle Z325 Thoroughgood
By R J Mitchell
Published by McNidder & Grace
ISBN 9780857161543
Category thriller/crime/mystery
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


It’s 1989 and fresh-faced graduate Angus Thoroughgood has just become Z325 Constable Thoroughgood and has exchanged the cosy cloisters of Glasgow University for the broken streets of Lennox Hill, ‘Z’ Division, the frontier posting that no rookie wants. He soon discovers his shift is full of veterans of the Northern Ireland troubles who are intent on ruling ‘The Hill’ by a brutal set of rules they have transferred from their time in the Province. Recruited by a new Internal Investigations Unit, he discovers that Glasgow’s criminal overlord Bobby ‘Mojito’ Dawson is a member of a deep cover special Army Unit and that his foes in the escalating gangland feud known as The Ice Cream War, the McGuigans, have strong links to the IRA. When Mojito recruits a deadly assassin from across the Irish Sea to bring the Ice Cream War to an end, Thoroughgood finds himself in a race against time before Glasgow is blown to smithereens.

Author's Biography

R J Mitchell was born and brought up in Stirling. After studying at Glasgow University he embarked on a career in Strathclyde Police before leaving to become a journalist and author. Drawing heavily from his experiences as a Glasgow cop Mitchell has created the character Z325 Constable Thoroughgood, the main character in his exceptionally gritty thriller series.


R.J. Mitchell's authentic, authoritative and gritty writing is up there with the best of Scottish Crime. DENZIL MEYRICK, author of bestselling DCI Daley Thrillers 

A fast-paced, realistic and gritty encounter which delivers in both storytelling and quality writing. DAVID HARDY, BOOKWORM 

Interwoven fictionalised account of the Ice Cream Wars and the Northern Ireland Troubles spilling over into Glasgow, it is a thrilling read full of betrayal, heartbreak and revenge. Scottish Women Magazine issue 57 July 2016 

Former officer turned crime writer inspired by harrowing initiation. Heather Greenaway. Sunday Mail May 29, 2016
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Loving it!!
Loved it!!
Hopefully winning this title will shift a few more books, big chap
A deep book with humour, from an author with those traits!
Go Bert!!
Great book
Love the blend of fact and fiction with the recent history aspect adding up to a whole exceeding the sum of its parts. Read after meeting the charismatic writer himself lent an added layer of complexity I enjoyed. Very believable characters that the reader cared deeply about - not easy to achieve.
Page turner
Fast paced, gritty and enjoyable
Great book and very gripping
Good read
Excellent read and was lucky to get a signed copy in Aberdeen
hooked from the first page
Original and captivating ...
Really enjoyed The Shift. I was promised blood, bullets, betrayal and heartbreak! RJ Mitchell delivered on all of these elements and much, much more. Recommended.
Gripping from start to finish.
Loving this book. Definately gets my vote.
Another enjoyable and thrilling read from R J Mitchell! It definitely has my vote.
Excellent and thrilling book.
Enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading more from this Author.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Had to read it through without putting it down almost. I was lucky enough to have a signed copy which my husband bought for me when he was over in Scotland recently.
Brilliant piece of writing. Definitely up there with the best of crime thriller writing. Took it with me to read on holiday and couldn't wait to pick it up again each day. Gripping and fast paced, can't with to read his next one.
Brilliantly tense thriller. Loved being able to identify the places in and around Glasgow. Couldn't put it down. This is another author added to my ever growing list of favourites!!! Well worth reading.
Fantastic book! Was trying to visualise all the areas of Glasgow that were being referred to. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Thoroughly good books. Deserves to be nominated.
Very enjoyable read
Thoroughgood keeps getting better and better
Loved it!
Loved it!
Bought this book at signing in Perth. Haven't been able to put it down, I'm hooked on this story! Love it. I must read the rest of your books. Thanks for bringing my attention to your book. Valerie.
Excellent book. Really gripping
Fantastic read, once I got going it was hard to put down. I would definitely recommend this book to other people as well as the previous three, all very good reads
Thoroughly riveting read, couldn't wait to for the next chapter
This was a very moving book in many ways. After page fifty, I couldn't put it down! knowing that the plot was drawn on true experiences was spell binding.
Great read. Glasgow punters at their best. Our ice cream van 'Rockies' in Pollok in the late 60s/early 70s used to sell you a bottle of whisky and just about everything else. Looking forward to book 5.
I found the book both entertaining and information. It brought back memories of a very troubled and sad time for those involved in the Ice Cream War. I will certainly recommend this book and the author's other books to friends and family. The author should put himself forward to the Book Club where Simon Mayo on Radio 2 introduces both known and unknown authors and its a great platform to use.
An outstanding read ! Gus Thoroughgood is an exciting and savvy protagonist. Do not miss this series.
What a fantastic read - gripped from the start.
A gritty and realistic read - made all the more interesting by the fact that author draws upon some of his own experiences as a Glasgow police officer during the time of the Ice Cream Wars.
A Great Tartan Noir!
Absolutely cracking read looking forward to reading the rest!
A very gripping read!
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