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Deadly Tide
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Deadly Tide

Subtitle A Jack Mowgley Crime Thriller
By George East
ISBN 9781908747082
Category Crime/Thriller
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


Jack Mowgley is not ordinary. How many police officers have ‘ACAB’ tattooed on their knuckles? Or smuggle tobacco through the ferry port he is supposed to be keeping free of crime? The Trunk Murder case, finds Mowgley following a trail across the Channel which becomes increasingly littered with dead bodies. 

Author's Biography

George East only took to writing full-time after trying out a number of life options. Leaving school with no qualifications, he worked as a private detective, film and TV extra, night club bouncer and DJ, demolition worker, drayman, magazine editor, pickled onion manufacturer, snooker club owner, publican, rock god, TV and radio presenter... 


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Mowgley. He's a little bit Sam Vimes, a little bit Dangerous Davies, living in a very Jonathan Gash style world. 
L.Lee - Normandy Ladies Review Group 

Deadly Tide not only defies convention, but has a great plot and storyline. 
Alan Buggins - Pro.Regional Times 

George has an excellent, refreshing style of witty writing and his characters are superb creations. The plot is intriguing and well thought out. 
Central Brittany Journal 
Price £9.9

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Reader Comments

So entertaining and visual. Great read.
A jewel. So happy to have found this good book.
Now I know what they mean by a pager turner!
What a find! Simply gripping.
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