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Devil's Blood
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Devil's Blood

By Andrew Prentice & Jonathan Weil
ISBN 9781910200575
Category Historical fantasy
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


A mind-blowing adventure series filled with no-holds barred swashbuckling, alchemical time travel and mystery, that fans of Jonathan Stroud, Charlie Higson and Rick Riordan will revel in. 

Author's Biography

Andrew Prentice and Jonathan Weil met at school where they edited their school magazine together. Since then they have collaborated on running a circus and writing dialogue for robots, as well as writing novels. @ajrprentice


“Extremely impressive…” – Guardian 
“Brilliant… a great blend of action, adventure, magic, horror and humour.” – Charlie Higson 
“Full of verve and vivacity, this is a rumbustious story that has the reader hooked from the first page; it's a hugely satisfying read.” - Parents in Touch 
“A well written smorgasbord of devilment!” - Reading Zone 
“The action never stops, demanding you keep your wits about you” - Books for Keeps
Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Hope it gets to be a finalist. Great read.
Intriguing and full of action.
Excellent plot that will grasp your attention from page 1. Can recommend it.
I heard this was a good read. And so it is. Love it.
Highly recommended. Will keep your attention throughout.
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