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Little Wings
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Little Wings

Subtitle The Story of Amy Johnson
By F.J. Beerling
ISBN 9780993384233
Category History
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


A beautifully written in verse and illustrated book all about Amy Johnson's greatest achievements. Introduces the young reader to history through an engaging, educating and entertaining book.

Author's Biography

Faye Beerling grew up in a children's home with a lot of other children and not a lot of toys. To amuse herself Faye made up stories, and has made a career out of it ever since.


The lovely illustrations made me smile and I particularly love the message the book gives with pushing boundaries and belief in yourself. 

Michele Beagle, Reader Assistant at Hull History Centre
Price £4

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Reader Comments

Wonderful book for young and old alike 😀
Excellent children's book which is historically correct. A wonderful way to get youngsters interested in our history.
Great book. Lovely illustrations and a nice story.
A great book to have within our retail at The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust.
Faye is a wonderful author and a wonderful person. Her books are second to non. My daughter will not put down her copy of little wings. It tells a story within a story. A must for all parents
My Grandchildren all enjoyed this book, loved the story and the illustrations are fantastic.
Amazing book
Amazing book, and I can't wait to share it with my grandsons x
Just Brilliant Kids and Parents love it
A fantastic read and very different to what is already out there.
bought 3 of these books for my kids, 2 which are not yet old enough to read, my oldest loved the illustrations throughout the book and also the story line which has the power to inspire children that anything can be achieved.
A brilliantly funny, educational and fun book that's brilliant for children to learn about this important yet seldom taught about figure in history!
It's wonderful Faye!!!
A Fantastic Childrens Book on an Iconic Aviatrix that maybe is not a well known name in History Lesson' Schools nowadays. Faye has now put Amy Johnsons name in the Spotlight with this Greatly Illustrated book, and in her own Unique way, 10 out of 10 X
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