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Where Seagulls Fly
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Where Seagulls Fly

By Edwin Page
ISBN 9781857567151
Category Thriller
September 2009


The beast approaches by night, his eyes filled with desire. The Mount stands dark in the bay and its residents will be forever changed by his arrival. Secrets whisper in the folds of his cloak as his heavy steps sink deep into the sands of time.

Set in western Cornwall, Where Seagulls Fly is an evocative story about a social outcast seeking refuge with the monks of St Michael's Mount. Arriving in the year 1274, he hopes to escape the cruel life he has known. A poignant friendship develops with one of the monks, but others fear his horrifying presence, a fear which threatens the fragile peace he has found.

Author's Biography

Edwin Page has a 1st Class Degree in Film and Literary Studies. He has previously had books published on the work of directors Quentin Tarantino, Danny Boyle and Tim Burton. Mr.  Page is also a novelist, photographer and short film maker, and lives with his wife in Cornwall, England.


£8.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

Loved this book. The atmosphere was tangible, I felt I was there watching the story unfold.
Amazing and interesting read - I love this book - highly recommended.
Page's descriptive powers astonished me at times and coupled with an emotive story line certainly gets my vote. Well done to him.
Enchanting stuff and well written, couldnt put it down. I look forward to more from this young and talented author. Micky Kidd/photographer/Penzance
Brilliant!!!!! well worth reading =)
A really good story, showing human nature in all it's ways. I was in tears at the end.
An utter delight
I loved this. Page is one to watch out for.
Very good book
Touching, mysterious, enchanting and pretty damn scary in places. Page's descriptive powers are darkly illuminating. 4 ****
A lovely book about an unusual friendship set against a beautiful backdrop. It had me in tears and I highly recommend it.
A wonderfully poignant read.
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