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The Wolf is Not Invited
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The Wolf is Not Invited

By Avril McDonald
ISBN 9781785830174
Category 4 to 7 year olds.
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


Wolfgang is left heartbroken when his best friend Catreen runs off without him to play with Clarissa. Spider shows Wolfgang how to make his own fun and Wolfgang realises that there are other great friends out there just waiting to be met! There are some situations and feelings that we cannot change and there are some that we can. Knowing the difference between the two (and some ways to make ourselves feel happy) is a great trick to have up our sleeves!

Author's Biography

Avril McDonald has a Diploma of Education from Wellington College of Education, New Zealand, where she trained as a primary school teacher majoring in music and dance. She has had a varied career in digital entertainment. She launched Feel Brave to help teachers and parents find solutions to help children learn to deal with their emotions and to reach their potential.


Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Amazing book loved by all the children I have gifted it too.
Great book my children love it so do we!
Fabulous teaching of resilience
Good Luck Avril
Simple, touching and yet cleverly, subtly thought provoking.
Fantastic Book!
We LOVE this book!
A wonderful story that helps explain emotions simply but so effectively to children
Beautifully written with beautiful illustrations and a wonderful message!
My 7 year old daughters love this book! And so do I. We have since bought all the books in the series and I have recommended these to all my friends.
Awesome idea Awesome execution
This book will help many children in my view, well done Averil
A fantastic idea and much needed
What a brilliant way to teach children that they are able to rely on themselves!
This is a fantastic title that shows insight and plays an important role in helping children in today's world - highly recommended :)
Creatively brilliant with equally brilliant illustrations to foster communication about expressing feelings - such an important lesson for kids to learn rather than bottling them inside....this story makes us each feel as if we're not alone and what's more that it's normal to feel the way we do all in the backdrop of wonderful characters and visuals
I LOVE this book and Avril's important work - beautiful, gentle, compassionate, and so needed, for today's children (and their parents)!
Lovely book with a wonderful combination of vivid art work and rich text.
Great book
I love it. Kia kaha!
My girls love this book, so much so I bought another copy and gave it to my daughters school. Brilliantly thought out and wonderfully illustrated - it resonates with us all!
This is a totally wonderful book. The lessons for young children written as parables are very accessible. The illustrations are divine.
thank you Avril!
Love this book - my 4yo reads it everyday.
awesome. loved it
I will be giving Avril's books to all my friend's with young children. It deals with such important topics and in such a beautiful way.
Amazing book. My daughter loves it, i love it, my partner loves it.
LOVE this wonderful book on raising children's awareness of their thoughts and feelings.
Avril McDonald writes beautifully in the Feel Brave series.
Truly beautiful stories
A lot of thought has been put into these books and explain things in terms a child will understand!
Good luck Avril. Andy X
Loves the book. Fantastic writing and illustrations. Read all 5 in the series and looking forward to more!
Very innovative and written woth lots of emphasis on how the messaged will be recieved by a child.
Beautiful story and Illustrations!! Such a fantastic read for children and adults. I have and would definitely recommend this book to everyone!!! Definitely gets my vote!!! Awesome!
Absolutely Amazing Author..This Book (every book) is a beautifully written adventure, drawing everyone in - Children and Adults - highlighting things we feel hard to tell a child in a perfect, beautiful, loving and relateable way. I recommend this book so very highly to everyone. I can't praise this Author enough! Thank you! A*****
I love these books! McDonald has beautifully captured topics that may not be so easy to talk about with kids. But children absolutely adore these stories. Thank you.
Wonderful story to help children when they are left out.
Great book, great message with beautiful illustrations!
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