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King's Company
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King's Company

By Jessamy Taylor
Published by Indie Books
ISBN 9781908041197
Category 11yrs to Young Adult
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


A chance encounter plunges young William D’Amory into a world of intrigue and betrayal. He meets new friends and dangerous enemies, and learns the truth about his father, as he is caught up in the fight for the throne of England itself.

Author's Biography

Jessamy Taylor was born in 1975 and grew up in East Molesey in Surry. She read History at Peterhouse, Cambridge, and went on to work in music publishing and in teaching. She lives in North London with her husband and three children.


"King's Company has a blistering start! The opening is beautifully written." Amazon customer review 
"Loved it! Historical fiction but with a really strong contemporary sensibility." Amazon customer review 
" A fabulous read, which will encourage children to get excited by history - I thoroughly recommend" Amazon customer review
Price £18.00

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Reader Comments

Great! An exciting adventure, bringing to life a part of our history I knew little about.
King's Company has a brilliant, flowing style, with lots of suspense and excellent characterisation. My children loved the book as did myself and my husband - it was particularly good to read out-loud and we all found it gripping and enjoyable.
A book which made me alive and excited about a long past distant century. Loved it!
An exciting historical fiction novel that entertained my 9 year old boy from beginning to end!
Good book
A truly wonderful read!
This is quality! Do not miss it.
An absolutely brilliant read.
Excellent book. Should be a shoe-in.
A great piece of historical fiction that my daughter loved.
Great read, 9 year old daughter loved it
A cracking read. Masterful storytelling to grip the imagination.
I loved this book! For me it was a return to children's historical fiction in the great tradition of Rosemary Sutcliff and Ronald Welch but with an exciting contemporary voice.
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