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Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Grandma and The Woodcutter
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Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Grandma and The Woodcutter

By John Fidler
ISBN 978-09932000-9-0
Category Alternative fairy tale 5+
Autumn 2016 (Sept - Nov)


Beautifully illustrated, the book re-defines a “page-turner” in that the reader literally needs to turn the book round to follow the story! 

We have taken the bold step of combining children’s familiarity with mobile device screen rotation, with the tactile beauty and simplicity of ink on paper. 

Author's Biography

John is a primary school teacher with over 30 years’ experience. He has taught in a wide variety of schools in the UK and abroad. 
He has constantly sought ways to make reading and writing fun and engaging and his techniques have helped children and adults to achieve amazing results. 


Such an interesting and exciting way to read a book with young ones and older ones alike! Loved the art work and new characterisation of individuals in the story. A 'fab' book, a great present. Three cheers for John Fidler.
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Beautifully written and illustrated. Original and witty take on a classic.
Wonderful take on a classic tale
Great book for all ages and fantastic to read four different ways!
A fantastic book to share with children exploring a traditional tale from the various aspects of the different characters. A fun approach accompanied with unique, delightful illustrations.
Lovely book to use for different characters' points of view in a well-known, well-loved story. Wonderful illustrations.
Enchanting says it all!
This is so much fun -- highly recommended.
Lovely book, really clever way of telling the story. Great graphics.
Outstanding idea and layout, which challenges your previous expectation and excites new readers!
Brilliant book! Unique idea and amazing illustrations!
Fantastic read of children and adults of all ages
Brilliant format that inspires the reader. Hope to see more in the same vein in future; hope the author has patented the format as it is bound to be very popular. Not often that a new book format is invented. Great storytelling and excellent illustrations.
My grandchildren l o v e this head-turning book.
Great creative book!
A great new angle which is very well executed
A truly unique and innovative book.
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