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The Secrets of Islay
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The Secrets of Islay

Subtitle Golf, Marathons and Single Malt
By Robert Kroeger
ISBN 978-1621376330
Category Sports & Recreation
Summer 2016


Seven people enjoying a single malt tasting in a distillery try to solve the puzzle, "quid est veritas." One of the group has the idea to stage a golf tournament and marathon on the island of Islay. The golf and marathon are successful but do the seven find the answers?

Author's Biography

When he is not practicing dentistry, playing golf, running marathons, or spending time with his family, Robert Kroeger writes about the history and traditions of golf.


Secrets Of Islay” is quietly inspirational. It doesn't shout like an improvement manual, but has a strong message of getting off thou bum in order to make the most of life. - Amazon Reviewer Stephanie Jane
Price £ 12.95

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