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I once knew a poem who wore a hat
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I once knew a poem who wore a hat

By Emma Purshouse, illustrator Catherine Pascall Moore
Published by Fair Acre Press
ISBN 9781911048022
Summer 2016


A children's poetry book jam packed with begging-to-be-read-out-loud poems - with performance tips, and 90 joyful pictures 

Author's Biography

Emma Purshouse is a poet who lives on a boat. She performs and does workshops with children all over the country. She also writes stories and poems for grown-ups.


"Bubbling with wisdom and silliness" A.F.Harrold

Back Cover : A.F.Harrold - poems full of life, and crammed with tips to help the reader become a performer too with fine and funny pictures.
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

A terrific book, bursting with energy and ideas. The illustrations are as wonderful as the poems and it's already a firm favourite with my nieces.
What a book - what poems, what illustrations... From the first page to the last an absolute joy-filled and hilarious read. Set against amazing, funny illustrations.
So much fun!! And so inventive - both the quirky poems and the wonderful illustrations.
Marvellous poems brought even more to life with illustrations to die for. LOVE IT!
A really fun book.
Emma has produced a funny book well up to, and even beyond, her superior talents - a book that appeals to all ages
Very funny book!
A brilliant book and a brilliant writer.
Lovely book to encourage children to read, my daughter loves the book and will read it over and over again x
What a talent.
A book that make poetry fun to read and perform. one of a kind
As A.F. Harrold says on the front of the book : "Bubbling with wisdom and silliness" This book has fantastic poems, wonderful illustrations and even performance tips. I have seen children as young as five right up to men and women in the eighties be enthralled, engaged, and laugh out loud at this.. what more can you want?!
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