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By Mark Lingane
Published by Insync Holdings
ISBN 978-0992377953
Category Science fiction
Summer 2016


It’s 1,000 years since nuclear war wiped out civilization. A new breed arises, teslas, which control magnetism. Sebastian’s world is turned upside-down as strange part-machine, part-human people hunt him. The Steam Academy, his only shelter. His only help: Melanie, an angry, dying teenage girl he finds living in a cave.

Author's Biography

Mark Lingane has written professionally since he was eight, and has written extensively about technology for various newspapers and magazines, winning awards for technical writing as well as fiction. He studied physics, philosophy and computer science at university and combines his knowledge into the novels.


"A great read. Tesla is evidence of a very talented writer. 5 stars.” - theIndieTribe 

Once Mr L gets into his stride, he shows us his best stuff yet in this teen steampunk versus cyberpunk post-apocalyptic adrenaline rush." - theBookBag 

Sebastian is a perfect character for a younger teenager in a decent coming of age tale, albeit against Dickensian life, magic powers and killer cyborgs. - SelfPublishingReview
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